International Shopping Festival In Guangzhou

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International Shopping Festival In Guangzhou

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International Shopping Festival in addition to eat and eat, buy buy, in the end there are children what fun highlights? According to the organizers said, in the coming week, will be a good square for the stronghold, for visitors to send a free international Fan children, filled with exotic “eight bright spots.”
Highlight 1: Tesla Technology Outreach
“Iron Man” airborne is good square, Tesla Model X is the first show of good square. The nation’s largest, most feature-oriented technology demonstration area, witnessed cutting-edge technology to create ecological life. How can the show in Hollywood no Iron Man? In the square is good, you will be zero distance and Iron Man prototype Elon Musk’s MODELS and MODELS close contact, experience from the future of technology charm. During the event will be held during the “Who is the old driver Challenge,” “looking for the most beautiful Tesla photo”, “Tesla Science and Technology Lecture Hall” and other interesting activities, if interested can make an appointment to test drive the latest Tesla.
Highlights 2: Harley culture special exhibition
Hundred years of Harley’s ultimate craft and cultural precipitation, to stimulate the original power, the pursuit of free soul. The event site that is good square, will display two value of 400000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and related motorcycle supplies, like Harley-Davidson, Halley culture cool family, do not miss this golden opportunity, and the legendary Great God-class motorcycle to date.
Highlights 3: Three Cities Alliance Exhibition
1: 1 to restore the classic character of the film style, zero-distance experience Hollywood blockbuster surreal! New Zealand’s Vita Studios, which won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects five times, will be unveiled in Guangzhou in order to showcase the achievements of the “Three Cities Alliance” in artistic way, with “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, “Avatar” and “Ape of the Planet” So that Chinese tourists close contact with Hollywood film and television culture.
Highlights 4: Meng Yang art roaming
The most Yangcheng characteristics of the sheep will be used as the art of painting the carrier, these white “1: 1 glass steel Meng Yang model”, by the international top artists portrait production, and invited well-known artists to create. : Meng interesting and full of artistic sense of the sheep who will transform the Chinese and foreign cultural ambassadors, to showcase the boundaries of art, a taste of the unique charm of different cultures. September 29, Meng Yang out, a roaming magic of the art world it! We are in the Plaza 1F northwest atrium, waiting for your visit!
Highlights 5: American football experience
The popular experience of the popular local sports, burst the rugby crash passion! American football, also known as American football, is a kind of football, the most popular sport in the United States, North America, the first of the four major professional sports. Fully modified upgrade NFL Super Bowl caravan will bring fans more cool experience, NFL Super Bowl trophy will also be the first time in history to China and joined in the tour!
Highlights 6: UAV aerobatics performance
A fusion of music, lighting, projection, special effects of the perfect performance, feel uninitiated flying novel and exciting. In the eyes of the influx of people, drones have long been a cool toy, the domestic market leader in unmanned aerial vehicles, but the UAV aerobatic performance is rare. Shopping Festival this year, is a good investment plaza will be bold to introduce UAV aerobatics performance, only the influx of people gathered!
Highlights 7: is good to eat food festival
Nearly 100 models to eat goods bursts of temptation struck, you could not resist the temptation of the tongue! For the old love of food, eating has become a culture, eat another title is gourmet food. To LINE FRIENDS, Cuihua, parallel, grandmother and other brands as the representative of the food is good coffee, the National Day will be together side by side, with the top domestic and international catering brands, offer visitors a gourmet dinner.
Highlights 8: Clown Parade
International big clown, is good parade, every moment of exposure to the ocean of joy. From the top Chinese and foreign clowns performing artists will gather in Guangzhou is good, for Guangzhou, Foshan, Huizhou and other places to recruit hundreds of hobby clowns of children, together presented a spectacular “is good clown.” Clown uncle who will bring visitors to enjoy the International Shopping Festival, a taste of positive polar Ocean World and other attractions for the tourists to send international-class “Clown Show”!
In the next week, the pure American Losangeles style will “airborne” is good square. National Day Golden Week, rather than plugging in the highway, it is better to feel good zero distance American passion and vitality, to experience a spectacular international carnival.

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