2016 International Climbing at Guangzhou

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2016 International Climbing at Guangzhou

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Reporter learned from the organizers on the 14th, 2016 International Climbing China Guangzhou World Youth Climbing Championship in Guangzhou, ending a week-long contest to attract 41 countries and regions, about 500 athletes enrolled in the Guangzhou teenager Pan Yufei participated in the men’s Junior Group A three A project of the race, and won the all-round runner-up excellent results.

The event is sponsored by the International Climbing Federation, the Mountain Sports Administration Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, the Guangzhou Sports Center and the Guangzhou University City Sports Center. The speed climbing, rock climbing, rock climbing Competition, sub-men and women youth group, juvenile A group, juvenile B group, a total of 18 single, attracted 41 countries and regions, about 500 athletes enrolled.

After fierce competition, the project champion have been released. In the first end of the difficulty of the game arena, after three days of intense competition, the six champions were born: the French player A Fuzu and the United States genius girl Ashima points were men and women Junior B group difficulty, Italy player Dazzoli and Slovenian star Jain Brett won the men’s and women’s A-team, respectively, and the men’s and women’s youth team medals were divided into Belgian Lorenzi and US player Hayes.

In the subsequent speed race, the Russian team and the Italian team demonstrated a strong strength. Russia won the women’s speed of the project’s three titles, Gariva, Ivanova and Dalia were in the three age groups after the closure of the game, while the men’s Junior B group speed race was also the Russian players Nagar Jef won. Italy’s Lucca and Ludovico were in the men’s junior group A, men’s youth group speed race.

In the last match day, the rock climbing project decided the strongest: the audience focus Ashima has no suspense to get the women’s Junior B group champion, the French player Martin won the men’s Junior B group; male, female teenager group A Champion by the Japanese players and Slovenia won; men, women’s youth group rock climbing match finale, the final Croatian players and American players come out on top for the event draw on the successful conclusion. In addition, the event based on the players in the difficulty, speed, climbing three comprehensive results of the guangzhou massage competition, selected the all-around champion of the project.

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese team in the tournament sent 21 athletes of the appropriate age. In the women’s junior B group speed race, the Chinese player Ni Mingwei with personal best score of 9.86 seconds won the sixth. Zhang Peng and Zhu Rong won the men’s youth group speed race sixth and junior B speed race eighth. Guangzhou teenager Pan Yufei took part in the men’s Junior A group of three projects in the race, and won the all-round runner-up excellent results.

International Maritime Organization President Marco said the tournament preparatory organizations, the venue facilities conditions, logistics and other events are very satisfied with the work and praised the team is running a serious and responsible team, a high professional quality of the fine team, he firmly believes that the future There will be more international competition came to China, to Guangzhou.

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