Classic cars show at Guangzhou

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Classic cars show at Guangzhou

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Located in Baiyun District, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, a large warehouse north of the collection of 50 classic cars! Among them, including the production in 1907 looks exactly like the carriage of the international harvester classic cars, modern sports car “originator”, 1915 production of Ford T-sports car, 1927 production of convertible Rolls-Royce first generation Mirage, 1930 production The adherence to hand-built Franklin classic cars … … these vehicles production date across 1907 to 1976, guangzhou escort part of the “century characteristics”, covering more than 30 car brands, called the classic in the classic.

Recently, this reporter visited the classic car warehouse. It is understood that there will be 50 follow-up classic car came here, this 100 classic cars are from a classic car museum in Japan, Guangzhou Baiyun District, a car sales company as a whole to buy down. In the future, the company will build a classic car museum, show car culture, build Baiyun District “car town”. At present, the old car museum site selection work.

Recently, the reporter went to Baiyun District, Baiyun Avenue North warehouse, was shocked by the immediate scene. Here, Michelle, Leo, a lot of vanished early car brands have here, in 1907 the production of international harvesters, 1915 production of Ford T-sports car, 1926 production of pickup “originator car “…

The company responsible for the old car Mr. Zhang to the warehouse as “a ‘live’ car history.” “The car was invented around the end of the 19th century and around 1890. The real development of the car dates back to the early 1900s, a three-dimensional encyclopedia of the history of cars and traffic.

The oldest international harvester ever evolved from a carriage

“This harvester is the first collection of gasoline engine car, produced in 1907. The earliest cars evolved from the carriage, from the exterior view, this car is not like the current car, more like a carriage. “Mr. Zhang said. Reporter noted that this car a lot of classic wheels, or solid rubber tires.

Mr. Zhang said that this harvester is an air-cooled engine, only 15 horsepower. “This car is a very enthusiastic car European and American collectors.”

The most expensive price not more than 150 of the global “Michelle”

“This car was produced in 1911, the brand is ‘Michelle’ (Michell), our boss’s friends to it is valued at 500 million euros. Why so valuable? This is because the brand in the 20th century, the United States is the most 10 years Good car brand, the entire brand only lasted 20 years, founded in 1899, closed down in 1920. But in terms of shape, or car design details, all represent the highest level of automobile manufacturing at that time. “Mr. Zhang pointed to the immediate Cars and green body of the classic car to reporters.

Mr. Zhang said that through the investigation of information, at present, this “Michelle” brand vintage cars do not exist more than 150, “can now be launched to the value of 500 million euros! If you can not move the price will be greatly reduced, , And so scarce, naturally very expensive.

The most complete Ford T-classic cars

Reporter came to a red Ford T-sports car in front of classic cars. “This car produced in 1915, is the originator of the modern sports car, no windows, no glass, no complex decoration, very simple shape.” Mr. Zhang said that early sports car are showing such characteristics – the ultimate light, On an engine, four wheels, plus a seat, so as to run faster.

“Here we collect most classic Ford cars, more than 30 vehicles.” Mr. Zhang said that 1908 came the Ford T-car is a well-deserved “century car”, this model in the automotive history for the first time to achieve the production line, Car into the new era of ordinary families. “Prior to this, cars are handmade, are a luxury.” Mr. Zhang said.

The most beautiful hand-built to adhere to the unfortunate demise

The reporter went to a production in 1930, Franklin classic cars in front of the green stream line body, like most of a lady. “The car was then known as the most beautiful car. At that time, the lowest price of $ 269 car, and this type of luxury car was priced at more than 4000 US dollars.But after the First World War (1930s) The United States during the Great Depression, because the brand adhere to hand-built, never on the assembly line, so, finally disappeared. “Mr. Zhang said.

Mr. Zhang said that the so-called hand-built does not rule out some of the components are mechanical, but the assembly of vehicle components and some precision instrument components are hand-done. “However, hand-built will result in expensive, few people can afford.” Mr. Zhang said.

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