Global quality traceability system

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Global quality traceability system

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In the future, domestic consumers can not only “global purchase”, but only “drop” about scanning the product packaging on the “true knowledge of code”, will be able to trace the quality of the world, the sea Amoy can rest assured. October 24, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced that the Bureau of the world’s first global quality traceability system 2.0 version was officially launched to run, Danone, the only product will be 18 well-known enterprises and Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau signed a global quality traceability system cooperation memorandum , Was added to the system.
The updated system has realized the traceability of production, trade, circulation and sales life cycle information of domestic and foreign goods, and extended from cross-border electronic business supervision to general trade goods and other import and export commodities. Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said the global quality traceability system version 2.0 has been completed in the Nansha pilot, the results are obvious, is expected this year will be extended to the Guangdong area. In addition, the innovative regulatory system has also been included in the Guangdong Free Trade Area, the second batch of replication promotion.
24, the author from the Nansha Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that from January to September this year, 9.998 million cross-border electric business entry, the value of 20 billion yuan, up 418.8% year on year and 293.1%. The rapid growth of cross-border electricity business, the global quality traceability system contributed. The system is designed to help consumers, businesses and government regulators quickly and efficiently manage commodity quality risk through massive data analysis and cloud computing, in the face of massive imports and exports.
In the Nansha Bonded Warehouse a well-known cross-border electronic business warehouse, I use the phone “global quality traceability system software”, scan a can of imported infant formula, “drop” soon, the phone immediately jumped out of origin, manufacturers, logistics providers , Logistics time, port of entry, test reports, past the quality of testing and certification of the traceability of the certificate.
Nansha Inspection and Quarantine Bureau deputy director Liu Jiajun introduction, and other traceability system is different from the carrier of the system is China’s independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights “true knowledge of code”, information security more reliable. The code records the information to cover every part of the circulation after the goods leave the factory. Enterprises can also know exactly where their goods are, and a whole set of chain supervision, covering production, logistics, warehousing and consumption, shared by the whole society. The system is fully constructed.
So far, in just 9 months time, the system to attract Jingdong, Lynx, only goods will be, Mead Johnson, the United States and more than 50 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to apply for membership; as of now, a total of 47 million people Traceability query. The first half of this year, the Nansha cross-border electricity business failure rate of a substantial decline in sampling 74.6%.
Global quality traceability system in the cross-border business commodity after the successful application, the rapid promotion of other general merchandise on the guangzhou escorts supervision, has been in Nansha, Huangpu and other ports in practice, to achieve full coverage of import and export commodities category, covering the general trade, cross The territory of electricity providers, market purchases and exports and other trade, covering food, consumer goods, automobiles and other categories.
Cai Zhou, general manager of four continents (Guangzhou) food import and export trading company, said that after joining the global quality traceability system, the real feeling is “good faith policy concessions.” After the accumulation of previous data, the company continued to stack the credit, sampling less and less sampling, customs clearance time is shorter, substantially reduce the cost of examination and approval.
Liu Jiajun explained that the system of manufacturers, logistics side, means of transport, test report production agencies, declarations and other parties all the information integration, and then through large data analysis, comprehensive judgment of the risk of goods.

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