Real”Guangzhou city center”

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Real”Guangzhou city center”

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Guangzhou city center community public service facilities will be further optimized, yesterday, the Guangzhou community life circle and public center optimization special planning to start bidding, which put forward the implementation of the State Council and the Guangzhou municipal government to build community life circle requirements, build 15 minutes community walking Living circle.

The existing public service package does not meet the demand

In February 2016, the “CPC Central Committee and State Council on Further Strengthening the Urban Planning and Construction Management of a number of guangzhou escort service opinions”, the clear emphasis on “to create convenient and efficient living area, so that people in the sharing of the building have more sense of access.” Domestic cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and other cities have also completed the planning of urban living area based on the walking distance and frequency of the residents. Outline put forward the focus on creating “15-minute living circle” concept of development. Combined with the development of urban space goals and needs to build community life circle, a national concept of shared development, to enhance the well-being of residents an important trend.

Tender Notice pointed out that, on the one hand, the Guangzhou urban living groups and community service facilities on the planning and related research is lagging behind the status quo of the living population, living space distribution characteristics of inadequate understanding, resulting in the lack of community public service facilities configuration and optimization Scientific support; on the other hand, the existing standards of community public service facilities there is a “one size fits all” problem, it is difficult to adapt to aging, migrant workers and other urban development of the real needs of urban planning is not conducive to population, function and spatial structure Optimization of the guiding role.

Clearly the scale of community life in 2020

“Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government of Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City People’s Government on the further strengthening of urban planning and construction management of the implementation of the views of” clearly put forward to the core of the human environment as a whole to upgrade and build 15-minute community pedestrian life. Therefore, in order to further implement the requirements of the State Council and the Guangzhou municipal government to build community life circle, improve the construction of community public service facilities, Guangzhou need to carry out community life circle and public center optimization planning.

Tender notice requirements, the scope of the planning study is Liwan, Yuexiu, Haizhu, Tianhe, Huangpu, Baiyun, Panyu and Huadu eight administrative regions, an area of ​​about 3060 square kilometers. According to the level and scale of the community life circle, considering the status quo development foundation, urban development strategy, rail transit guidance and other factors, the preparation of the Guangzhou living group (Guangzhou residential living group planning level and size) This paper puts forward the optimization proposal of the current planning management system in Guangzhou, combining with the residential group division scheme.

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