Russian “ballet aircraft carrier” arrived at Shanghai

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Russian “ballet aircraft carrier” arrived at Shanghai

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This week, Guangzhou ushered in the Russian “ballet aircraft carrier” – Malinsiji Theater Ballet’s first visit, which is the first time the company visited the South China region. Following the classical ballet “Romeo and Juliet” on November 1st and 2nd, the classical ballet classic “Swan Lake” was staged at the Guangzhou Grand Theater last night, and the Guangzhou audience was amazed by the wonderful interpretation. Tonight and tomorrow afternoon, “Swan Lake” will continue to play two games.
The spire of the ballet world pyramid

One of the world’s most eye-catching art treasures is the Russian Ballet, and the Malinsky Theater Ballet is the spire of the ballet world pyramid, which has a world-renowned Russian classical ballet.

“Swan Lake” is still in the world of ballet continues to staged a classic handed down, but also many people in mind “ballet” synonymous – and in more than 120 years ago, premiere of this classic ballet dance, Linsky Theater Ballet. In this case,

This year is the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, the theater, theaters have staged according to Shakespeare’s classic adaptation of the play. Marilynski Theater premiered in 1940, the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” in strict accordance with the realistic road of escort guangzhou creation, as much as possible faithful to Shakespeare’s original clues and spirit, layers of advance. Prokofiev grand theater symphony, Lavrovsky pursuit of the original details of the grand choreography, make it a classic modern ballet. In addition to Marilynski Theater, few dance companies can perform “Romeo and Juliet”, because it requires a strong actor reserves: not only the huge number of actors, but also in the type of actors, technology, need to achieve high Configuration.

Perfect performance beautiful

The premiere of the premiere of classical ballet last night, “Swan Lake” shows the “ballet aircraft carrier” unparalleled real standards, as actor and actor is a million miles to pick the extraordinary conditions and solid education to cultivate superb skills; One sub-decorated corner of the female starring, white swans in gestures blooming breathtaking poignant and faithful, and in the prince feast on the feast of the black swan is both glamorous and sharp beauty, each section of technical action After all received a warm full house. The audience lamented: “The United States burst!”

Adhering to nearly 300 years of glorious tradition, Malinski Theater ballet and music performances in the world represents a high degree of absolute and absolute aesthetic standards, can be unbiased, faithfully restore the “Swan Lake” In each section of pure European different regional dance music. “This is the authentic, the most classic, most authentic” Swan Lake “!” “With the scene of the symphony accompaniment, whether it is the variation of the White Swan and Prince, or four little swans, or almost the most swan dance, Or the most complete character dance, people are super touched.Looking at the scene for some graceful dance, listening to the feet of 24 swans neatly on the floor to beat the sound, really beautiful. “After watching the performance of the audience amazed .

Guangzhou spectator civilizations

Malinsky Theater ballet dancers superb performance impressed the audience in Guangzhou, but the intermission is also a long time also led to some questions the audience: “two intermission, a total of 1 hour, did not come across ah. “In this regard, the Malinski Theater, said: This intermission set to give the actors enough time to rest, but also because the stage a lot of hard scenes for King take time.

Although the “intermission 30 minutes”, but the audience is still civilized to accept. The Grand Theater for such a long break for a special break, a knowledgeable audience, said: “To see the pure classical ballet will accept its appreciation of the rules, in fact, to see the performance of elegant art, and sometimes also a “It ‘s about promoting slow life, and I feel pretty fresh,” said the audience.

Ballet from 7:30 pm to the end, but the audience is very intoxicated, actor curtain call sounded prolonged applause … …

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