Guangzhou orientation, enjoy the outdoor

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Guangzhou orientation, enjoy the outdoor

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According to reports, the guangzhou massage city directional movement from the outdoor enthusiasts in the mountain fun directional cross-country, through sports + tourism, leisure + movement model, has been the public’s hot pursuit, the tournament forecast number of more than 20,000 people, is expected to become Following the Guangzhou Marathon after the public participation in the highest mass sports events. 2016 China coordinates · Guangzhou City Orienteering Outdoor Challenge theme “Guangzhou orientation, Le enjoy the outdoor”, mainly presents four characteristics:

First, very fashionable. City orientation movement because of its unique way of competition, innovative player experience, has become the phenomenon of heat bursting event level, and by the public, especially young people love. 5 members of a team (at least one of which is the opposite sex), with the help of urban public transport in the form of walking, in accordance with the designated line to complete the task, and ultimately reach the destination. The outdoor activities combine challenge, stimulation, wisdom, entertainment, social, history and culture with the characteristics of sports competition and recreation, which makes the orientated cross-country that only the professional athletes participate in and becomes the popular participation fashion. Outdoor activities. All teams in the day of departure to know their own line, in the course of the game to continue to decrypt the next point marked the next task. Players comprehensive mental, physical and creative competition, in order to find a number of point targets, the completion of interesting tasks, to determine the final number of time with the number of places.

Second, highlight the characteristics of Huacheng. This competition has 8 lines, combined with Guangzhou 2000 years of history, humanities, economy, food, urban development and many other aspects, including the Guangzhou major business cards, show the city characteristics and city image. Eight lines of the theme: the Pearl River line, Sui Yue building traces, old and famous Guangzhou City, folk business, industrial heritage, treasure to the West, Guangdong University, Wenqu away, each line length of 25 km to 45 km, Throughout the city streets, shopping malls, old houses, monuments, most point mark can be reached by subway. Players can experience the charm of panoramic Guangzhou, Guangzhou features, culture, Guangzhou.

Third, the broad participation of the crowd. The competition 8-65 years of age people can register to participate. Event size of 3000 people, divided into competition group, vitality group, joy group, international group four groups. One international team is required to have one non-Chinese national team. International group arrived at the designated ancient buildings and the old city of Guangzhou to complete the task, in-depth experience of the ancient city of Guangzhou, the charm of the Millennium.

Fourth, promote low-carbon environmental protection. The event requires all participants to reach each designated location only by means of public transport (bus, metro) and on foot. This low-carbon environmental health can not only save resources, but also exercise the body, very fit this outdoor sports festival “love outdoors, enjoy nature” theme.

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