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Note: Lily massage center is one of the most popular escort agencies in China, also one of the largest escort agencies in China. We have been run the escort business for more than ten years, now we have many branches at Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing etc,. We started from Shanghai, and we based at Shanghai. We accept young and pretty girls like models, students, and someone works at company. All of them have to pass our strict trains to be a qualified massuer, and we need healthy check for each massage girl every month.

We have full experience on offering escort and massage service to our customers, and we have the largest amount of young girls, they are all professional. Don’t hesitate to call our exellent massage service to your hotel and home, you won’t be disapointed!!!

Lily massage: +86 18721289360

+86 15000356200

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