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Where is Obama going?

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There are less than three months, Obama will retire as president of the United States. About his “retirement” after the whereabouts of the media has recently become the focus of attention. According to US media reports, Obama ‘s next job is likely to be in Silicon Valley, because his subordinates in the past year, more than 10 times to visit Silicon Valley, perhaps intended to prepare for the future of Obama.
Several former subordinates work in Silicon Valley
From politics to business, which is a lot of politicians through the “routine.”
Obama had many subordinates after the departure from the guangzhou escort government to join Silicon Valley. For example, in his campaign for president in 2008 when the campaign manager David? Plof, the current senior vice president and strategic director of the excellent step; his term of office of the White House press spokesman Jay Kani in 2014, after resigning Join the Amazon.
Since taking office eight years, Obama in Silicon Valley has accumulated a wide range of contacts. In preparation for the re-election in 2011, he had dinner at the White House, including Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other 12 Silicon Valley technology companies big brother, with the help of his power to help him win the election. In any of the 13 state banquet, Silicon Valley executives often in the guest list.
In addition, in the past period of time, Obama’s series of moves also let him get the “Geek” President of the title. He first wrote on CNN, pushing the United States Mars plan, said the government should work together with enterprises, in 2030 before the man sent to Mars. He also served as guest editor for the first issue of Science and Technology magazine “Connect”, inspiring Silicon Valley to address inequality and civic engagement.
“I would be amazed if he did not spend a lot of time and energy on combining the resources, ideas and abilities he had learned in Silicon Valley with the career he was about to choose.” “The New York Times quoted the British company founder Ray De Hoffman said the words.

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China-Russia Network Media Forum

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Yesterday, the China-Russia Network Media Forum and the Sino-Russian New Media Youth Leaders Summit was held in Guangzhou Tianhe District, the Russian Federal Communications and Mass Media Vice Minister Wolin, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister, Xu Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Xu Lanhong, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the State Council, and Lu Lan, deputy director of the Network Information and Communication Bureau of the State Internet Information Office attended the opening ceremony.
Around the “new network of international media and international cooperation and development” theme, from the relevant state departments, “along the way” important node city, the central and local key news sites, major commercial websites, Internet business leaders and research institutions experts and scholars More than 150 guests to discuss the development and cooperation, innovation and breakthroughs, opportunities and challenges of China and Russia’s online media under the new situation of Internet, and to promote and deepen the exchanges and cooperation in the field of network and new media.
Huang Bin pointed out in his speech that the escort guangzhou forum aims to enhance the emotional communication between the youth of China and Russia, strengthen the exchange and cooperation of news and culture between the two countries, and condense the emotional consensus of the Chinese and Russian people, especially the younger generation, in the field of humanities, Legend has it that the significance is significant. As one of the provinces in mainland China with the largest amount of economic and trade cooperation and the most close cultural and economic exchanges along the route, Guangdong is not only a big economic province but also a big province of the Internet. Guangdong will further build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, Guangdong and Russia to promote the relevant fields in many areas, especially human-depth cooperation in the field, to promote the frequent exchange of cultural and creative personnel to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation on a new level.
Xu Yonghong pointed out in his speech that the media is a bridge of communication and ties, strengthen media dialogue between China and Russia, to promote bilateral cooperation in the media is our common desire. Guangzhou will actively promote the construction of hub cities and international exchanges, and further build a high level of opening to the outside world, including Russia and other regions continue to strengthen road connectivity, trade flow, the implementation of connectivity and people.

As the host of this forum, Tianhe District, Guangzhou as the core city of the national center, in recent years, actively participate in “all the way along” construction, scientific and technological innovation, international exchanges have made many achievements. As the authoritative platform for the exchange and cooperation between China and Russia, the China-Russia Network Media Forum will establish a long-term mechanism for exchanges and cooperation in the future. Through regular media exchanges, content exchanges, joint interviews, Exchanges and other means to enhance cooperation and expand interaction, sharing of resources and complement each other to comprehensively promote and deepen the two countries in the field of Internet and media exchanges and cooperation, and jointly enhance the international media power of China and Russia international voice and influence.

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Impression of Guangzhou

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Attend 2016 Guangdong Maritime Silk Road International Fair theme forum – capacity cooperation and innovation and development of high-end forum “Hai Si” along the national official specifications, the highest level for the previous Hai Si Expo theme forum of the most. The former Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit, the former Prime Minister of Nepal Babraram Batailu 17 countries such as 19 politicians and officials, Amman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan 58 foreign business leaders, well-known multinational entrepreneurs and about 800 representatives Will attend. Yesterday, former Nepalese Prime Minister Babram Batailu, Pakistan embassy in China and Pakistan economic corridor special envoy Zafar, an interview with Guangdong media.
Former Prime Minister of Nepal Babraham Batailu interview with this reporter, frankly, Guangzhou CBD, the old city have their own characteristics, the image of Guangzhou is impressive.

Babraham Bataili admiration for China’s “all the way along the” strategy, and said that Guangzhou will be “along the way” driven by the trade in the country to play a greater influence: “China’s current ‘along the way’ Strategy, is very much in line with Nepal will be their own as a bridge between China and India such a positioning.Lately we have seen some new progress, China’s Qinghai-Tibet Railway has been extended to the Sino-Nepalese border, and a few years we will see The railway from Lhasa will be extended to the border between Nepal and Nepal, and then further extension in Nepal, so we can use the railway to extend the traditional Silk Road, the real play Silk Road East Asia and South Asia, so I think, On such a new Silk Road, the opportunities for trade, investment, technology transfer, cultural exchange and tourism are enormous, and Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and the closest to Nepal in China’s big cities , Guangzhou and Nepal should be able to have a closer connection between.I think in the future, Guangzhou and Nepal between the economic and trade exchanges will have more broad prospects.

“In the past two thousand years, China guangzhou escort girl and Nepal have a very close cooperation between the two countries, and now we will have more opportunities to carry out investment and trade,” Babram Batailu said Nepal is currently the most The famous tourist city has concluded a friendship with Guangzhou Friendship City, the future hope that more Chinese tourists to Nepal to visit.

The Canton Fair is a bridge between China and Pakistan

Pakistani Embassy in China and Pakistan economic corridor special envoy Zafar, yesterday afternoon in an interview proudly recalled: “I personally have a very deep feeling in Guangzhou, I came to Guangzhou in 1977, 1988, entered a Guangzhou International banking work, it can be said that I personally experienced in recent decades, Guangzhou’s economic development reform and change.

Talking about the “Canton Fair”, Zafar that it set up a bridge between China and Pakistan: “Pakistan businessmen over and over again over the years to the Canton Fair, Pakistan and China is played a very good bridge between the role.

On the Sino-Pakistani Economic Corridor, Zafar said: “The Chinese and Pakistani economic corridors proposed by the Chinese Prime Minister during his visit to Pakistan in 2013 have strengthened exchanges and cooperation in transport, energy and marine affairs between the two countries. Now Pakistan And China to strengthen the interconnection.I am very pleased to tell you today, the fastest in Pakistan, the best is the ‘China-Pakistan economic corridor’, the actual investment in this corridor of China has more than 20 billion US dollars. ”

Zafar also on-site promotion of the “China-Pakistan economic corridor” along the Pakistani Economic Industrial Park: “Our industrial park is very much like to cooperate with you and hope that Guangzhou and Guangdong enterprises to set up factories there, enjoy a great tax policy and the Advantage. “Zafar,” This is a benefit of both things, but also I come to participate in one of the purposes of this meeting is to visit Guangdong delegation, welcome to visit the delegation! “

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Global quality traceability system

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In the future, domestic consumers can not only “global purchase”, but only “drop” about scanning the product packaging on the “true knowledge of code”, will be able to trace the quality of the world, the sea Amoy can rest assured. October 24, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced that the Bureau of the world’s first global quality traceability system 2.0 version was officially launched to run, Danone, the only product will be 18 well-known enterprises and Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau signed a global quality traceability system cooperation memorandum , Was added to the system.
The updated system has realized the traceability of production, trade, circulation and sales life cycle information of domestic and foreign goods, and extended from cross-border electronic business supervision to general trade goods and other import and export commodities. Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said the global quality traceability system version 2.0 has been completed in the Nansha pilot, the results are obvious, is expected this year will be extended to the Guangdong area. In addition, the innovative regulatory system has also been included in the Guangdong Free Trade Area, the second batch of replication promotion.
24, the author from the Nansha Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that from January to September this year, 9.998 million cross-border electric business entry, the value of 20 billion yuan, up 418.8% year on year and 293.1%. The rapid growth of cross-border electricity business, the global quality traceability system contributed. The system is designed to help consumers, businesses and government regulators quickly and efficiently manage commodity quality risk through massive data analysis and cloud computing, in the face of massive imports and exports.
In the Nansha Bonded Warehouse a well-known cross-border electronic business warehouse, I use the phone “global quality traceability system software”, scan a can of imported infant formula, “drop” soon, the phone immediately jumped out of origin, manufacturers, logistics providers , Logistics time, port of entry, test reports, past the quality of testing and certification of the traceability of the certificate.
Nansha Inspection and Quarantine Bureau deputy director Liu Jiajun introduction, and other traceability system is different from the carrier of the system is China’s independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights “true knowledge of code”, information security more reliable. The code records the information to cover every part of the circulation after the goods leave the factory. Enterprises can also know exactly where their goods are, and a whole set of chain supervision, covering production, logistics, warehousing and consumption, shared by the whole society. The system is fully constructed.
So far, in just 9 months time, the system to attract Jingdong, Lynx, only goods will be, Mead Johnson, the United States and more than 50 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to apply for membership; as of now, a total of 47 million people Traceability query. The first half of this year, the Nansha cross-border electricity business failure rate of a substantial decline in sampling 74.6%.
Global quality traceability system in the cross-border business commodity after the successful application, the rapid promotion of other general merchandise on the guangzhou escorts supervision, has been in Nansha, Huangpu and other ports in practice, to achieve full coverage of import and export commodities category, covering the general trade, cross The territory of electricity providers, market purchases and exports and other trade, covering food, consumer goods, automobiles and other categories.
Cai Zhou, general manager of four continents (Guangzhou) food import and export trading company, said that after joining the global quality traceability system, the real feeling is “good faith policy concessions.” After the accumulation of previous data, the company continued to stack the credit, sampling less and less sampling, customs clearance time is shorter, substantially reduce the cost of examination and approval.
Liu Jiajun explained that the system of manufacturers, logistics side, means of transport, test report production agencies, declarations and other parties all the information integration, and then through large data analysis, comprehensive judgment of the risk of goods.

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Classic cars show at Guangzhou

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Located in Baiyun District, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, a large warehouse north of the collection of 50 classic cars! Among them, including the production in 1907 looks exactly like the carriage of the international harvester classic cars, modern sports car “originator”, 1915 production of Ford T-sports car, 1927 production of convertible Rolls-Royce first generation Mirage, 1930 production The adherence to hand-built Franklin classic cars … … these vehicles production date across 1907 to 1976, guangzhou escort part of the “century characteristics”, covering more than 30 car brands, called the classic in the classic.

Recently, this reporter visited the classic car warehouse. It is understood that there will be 50 follow-up classic car came here, this 100 classic cars are from a classic car museum in Japan, Guangzhou Baiyun District, a car sales company as a whole to buy down. In the future, the company will build a classic car museum, show car culture, build Baiyun District “car town”. At present, the old car museum site selection work.

Recently, the reporter went to Baiyun District, Baiyun Avenue North warehouse, was shocked by the immediate scene. Here, Michelle, Leo, a lot of vanished early car brands have here, in 1907 the production of international harvesters, 1915 production of Ford T-sports car, 1926 production of pickup “originator car “…

The company responsible for the old car Mr. Zhang to the warehouse as “a ‘live’ car history.” “The car was invented around the end of the 19th century and around 1890. The real development of the car dates back to the early 1900s, a three-dimensional encyclopedia of the history of cars and traffic.

The oldest international harvester ever evolved from a carriage

“This harvester is the first collection of gasoline engine car, produced in 1907. The earliest cars evolved from the carriage, from the exterior view, this car is not like the current car, more like a carriage. “Mr. Zhang said. Reporter noted that this car a lot of classic wheels, or solid rubber tires.

Mr. Zhang said that this harvester is an air-cooled engine, only 15 horsepower. “This car is a very enthusiastic car European and American collectors.”

The most expensive price not more than 150 of the global “Michelle”

“This car was produced in 1911, the brand is ‘Michelle’ (Michell), our boss’s friends to it is valued at 500 million euros. Why so valuable? This is because the brand in the 20th century, the United States is the most 10 years Good car brand, the entire brand only lasted 20 years, founded in 1899, closed down in 1920. But in terms of shape, or car design details, all represent the highest level of automobile manufacturing at that time. “Mr. Zhang pointed to the immediate Cars and green body of the classic car to reporters.

Mr. Zhang said that through the investigation of information, at present, this “Michelle” brand vintage cars do not exist more than 150, “can now be launched to the value of 500 million euros! If you can not move the price will be greatly reduced, , And so scarce, naturally very expensive.

The most complete Ford T-classic cars

Reporter came to a red Ford T-sports car in front of classic cars. “This car produced in 1915, is the originator of the modern sports car, no windows, no glass, no complex decoration, very simple shape.” Mr. Zhang said that early sports car are showing such characteristics – the ultimate light, On an engine, four wheels, plus a seat, so as to run faster.

“Here we collect most classic Ford cars, more than 30 vehicles.” Mr. Zhang said that 1908 came the Ford T-car is a well-deserved “century car”, this model in the automotive history for the first time to achieve the production line, Car into the new era of ordinary families. “Prior to this, cars are handmade, are a luxury.” Mr. Zhang said.

The most beautiful hand-built to adhere to the unfortunate demise

The reporter went to a production in 1930, Franklin classic cars in front of the green stream line body, like most of a lady. “The car was then known as the most beautiful car. At that time, the lowest price of $ 269 car, and this type of luxury car was priced at more than 4000 US dollars.But after the First World War (1930s) The United States during the Great Depression, because the brand adhere to hand-built, never on the assembly line, so, finally disappeared. “Mr. Zhang said.

Mr. Zhang said that the so-called hand-built does not rule out some of the components are mechanical, but the assembly of vehicle components and some precision instrument components are hand-done. “However, hand-built will result in expensive, few people can afford.” Mr. Zhang said.

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The 120th China Import and Export Fair opened in Guangzhou

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The 120th China Import and Export Fair opened in Guangzhou on the 15th. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping congratulated the congratulatory letter.

Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and premier of the State Council, made a congratulatory statement.

In his congratulatory letter, Xi Jinping pointed out that over the past 60 years, the Canton Fair has served the country’s reform and opening-up and socialist modernization construction, and has persisted in serving domestic and foreign enterprises, playing an active role in opening up and economic and social development.

Xi Jinping stressed that the new situation, the Canton Fair to implement innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development concept, innovative institutional mechanisms, business models, improve service levels, support the participating enterprises mutual benefit and common development, better play The use of two markets, two resources, in order to promote China’s open economic development, and promote the development of the open world economy to make new and greater contribution to the open platform.

Li Keqiang pointed out in the instructions, 60 years, the Canton Fair as an important window for China’s opening up and enterprises to enter the international market an important platform for the active use of international and domestic markets, two resources, the “guangzhou escort introduction” and “going out” , For China’s economic development and opening up has made important contributions. We hope to firmly establish a new development concept, in accordance with a new round of higher level of opening to the outside world, to promote the Canton Fair deepen reform and innovation, to further improve internationalization, specialization, marketization and information level, better support enterprises to develop the market, Brand, promote the optimization and upgrading of foreign trade structure, cultivate new competitive advantages, to promote sustained and healthy economic and social development and make new contributions.

Fair held in two sessions a year, has been held since the spring of 1957 has been held for 60 years, is China ‘s oldest and largest, to the largest number of merchants will be a comprehensive international trade show. The 120th Canton Fair on October 15 to November 4 held a total of 24,500 exhibitors at home and abroad.

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International Shopping Festival In Guangzhou

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International Shopping Festival in addition to eat and eat, buy buy, in the end there are children what fun highlights? According to the organizers said, in the coming week, will be a good square for the stronghold, for visitors to send a free international Fan children, filled with exotic “eight bright spots.”
Highlight 1: Tesla Technology Outreach
“Iron Man” airborne is good square, Tesla Model X is the first show of good square. The nation’s largest, most feature-oriented technology demonstration area, witnessed cutting-edge technology to create ecological life. How can the show in Hollywood no Iron Man? In the square is good, you will be zero distance and Iron Man prototype Elon Musk’s MODELS and MODELS close contact, experience from the future of technology charm. During the event will be held during the “Who is the old driver Challenge,” “looking for the most beautiful Tesla photo”, “Tesla Science and Technology Lecture Hall” and other interesting activities, if interested can make an appointment to test drive the latest Tesla.
Highlights 2: Harley culture special exhibition
Hundred years of Harley’s ultimate craft and cultural precipitation, to stimulate the original power, the pursuit of free soul. The event site that is good square, will display two value of 400000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and related motorcycle supplies, like Harley-Davidson, Halley culture cool family, do not miss this golden opportunity, and the legendary Great God-class motorcycle to date.
Highlights 3: Three Cities Alliance Exhibition
1: 1 to restore the classic character of the film style, zero-distance experience Hollywood blockbuster surreal! New Zealand’s Vita Studios, which won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects five times, will be unveiled in Guangzhou in order to showcase the achievements of the “Three Cities Alliance” in artistic way, with “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, “Avatar” and “Ape of the Planet” So that Chinese tourists close contact with Hollywood film and television culture.
Highlights 4: Meng Yang art roaming
The most Yangcheng characteristics of the sheep will be used as the art of painting the carrier, these white “1: 1 glass steel Meng Yang model”, by the international top artists portrait production, and invited well-known artists to create. : Meng interesting and full of artistic sense of the sheep who will transform the Chinese and foreign cultural ambassadors, to showcase the boundaries of art, a taste of the unique charm of different cultures. September 29, Meng Yang out, a roaming magic of the art world it! We are in the Plaza 1F northwest atrium, waiting for your visit!
Highlights 5: American football experience
The popular experience of the popular local sports, burst the rugby crash passion! American football, also known as American football, is a kind of football, the most popular sport in the United States, North America, the first of the four major professional sports. Fully modified upgrade NFL Super Bowl caravan will bring fans more cool experience, NFL Super Bowl trophy will also be the first time in history to China and joined in the tour!
Highlights 6: UAV aerobatics performance
A fusion of music, lighting, projection, special effects of the perfect performance, feel uninitiated flying novel and exciting. In the eyes of the influx of people, drones have long been a cool toy, the domestic market leader in unmanned aerial vehicles, but the UAV aerobatic performance is rare. Shopping Festival this year, is a good investment plaza will be bold to introduce UAV aerobatics performance, only the influx of people gathered!
Highlights 7: is good to eat food festival
Nearly 100 models to eat goods bursts of temptation struck, you could not resist the temptation of the tongue! For the old love of food, eating has become a culture, eat another title is gourmet food. To LINE FRIENDS, Cuihua, parallel, grandmother and other brands as the representative of the food is good coffee, the National Day will be together side by side, with the top domestic and international catering brands, offer visitors a gourmet dinner.
Highlights 8: Clown Parade
International big clown, is good parade, every moment of exposure to the ocean of joy. From the top Chinese and foreign clowns performing artists will gather in Guangzhou is good, for Guangzhou, Foshan, Huizhou and other places to recruit hundreds of hobby clowns of children, together presented a spectacular “is good clown.” Clown uncle who will bring visitors to enjoy the International Shopping Festival, a taste of positive polar Ocean World and other attractions for the tourists to send international-class “Clown Show”!
In the next week, the pure American Losangeles style will “airborne” is good square. National Day Golden Week, rather than plugging in the highway, it is better to feel good zero distance American passion and vitality, to experience a spectacular international carnival.

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Huawei enterprise cloud strategic cooperation

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Shanwei City is located in the southeastern part of Guangdong Province, known as the “eastern coast of Gold Coast,” said, is the eastern region from the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Macao region’s most recent city, in the Pearl River Delta 2 hours economic circle, the traffic advantage is obvious. Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone is located in the Pearl River Delta economic circle and the west side of the economic circle with the Department of the Pearl River Delta is the bridgehead leading to eastern Guangdong, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to expand radiation to the important strategic fulcrum, the best industrial transfer to undertake. The cooperation, Shanwei City, Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Area and Huawei Cloud will build a cloud computing platform to accelerate the city’s information construction, driving Shanwei City, Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to enhance Shanwei City, District of emerging industrial development.
In recent years, with the advance of Shenzhen City, eastward strategy, Shanwei City, the development of Shenzhen-Shantou cooperation area usher in a new opportunity. Shanwei City to the West Rongzhu development as the core strategy, vigorously develop the cloud computing industry, and actively promote the “data cloud” in government, education, health care, guangzhou escort transportation, urban management and other key areas of application, focus on creating smart livable city. The cooperation with the Huawei enterprise cloud will effectively enhance the service capability and service level of Shanwei local intelligent city construction and information industry infrastructure, support the city informatization, promote new generation information technology, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy and new materials And other strategic development and expansion of new industries.
Huawei cloud computing, large data has been to maintain a very high core technology research and development investment, Huawei Enterprise cloud focus on building cloud infrastructure services, adhere to the concept of open cooperation, and commitment never data realization, and partners with win-win situation The future of the cloud era. The signing of the cooperation agreement marks the Huawei company with Shanwei City, Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Area in cloud computing industry development cooperation has opened a new chapter, after landing for the local government information services for the Shenzhen-Shantou enterprises Digital transformation services. Huawei will give full play to the technical strength and resource advantages of cloud services, join hands with upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain and work together with Shanwei City and Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone to build a regional cloud ecosystem, boosting industrial upgrading in Shanwei and Shenzhen-Shantou cooperation area. ,Structural Adjustment.
We believe that with the unanimous ideal of developing cloud computing industry, Shanwei and Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone and Huawei will work together to promote the rapid development of cloud computing industry in Shanwei and Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone. Cooperation area of the traditional industries to upgrade the transition and the development of new economic formats bring far-reaching impact, at the same time, will also inject new vigor for the local economic revitalization, and then promote the transformation and upgrading of the surrounding regional industrial structure and socio-economic development by leaps and bounds!

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China- a confident country

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September 3, President Xi Jinping in Hangzhou in 2016 to attend the opening ceremony of the Group of 20 industrial and commercial summit, and entitled “China’s new starting point for the development of new blueprint for global growth,” the keynote speech.
This is Xi Jinping President arrived in Hangzhou, the world debut.
The venue of the International Convention Center was packed, quiet enough to hear the rustling of the pen across the paper. G20 business summit (B20 summit) opening ceremony, G20 members and guests of more than 800 delegates sitting in the audience, listen attentively. Policy makers in the world economy will also perceive the global market at zero distance from the G20 summit back-to-back.
“China’s new starting point for the development of new global blueprint for growth,” a 50-minute keynote speech, President Xi Jinping both about the eyes of the world in China, but also depicts the eyes of China in the world. This speech is called the Hangzhou Summit during the most concentrated display of the concept of China, China advocates the most systematic expression.
The world has never been as eager to listen to China as it is today.
Today, China, the world’s population accounts for nearly 1/5, the second largest economy, out of a “very different with the Western system, the success of the road.” Its choice to judge, aggressive as a profound impact on the 21st century and even more distant future.
“I am afraid can not find a more appropriate country than China to pass on the confidence of the economic future.” Foreign media commentary is precisely today, China and the world a footnote interaction. Two years ago at the Brisbane Summit, the 11th G20 summit in China spread the news spread throughout the world, the recovery of the weak world economy, opened a new look at China’s program.
A year ago, at the Antalya Summit, the world carefully listened to President Xi Jinping’s ideas on the Hangzhou Summit. “I believe the 2016 summit will present a unique blend of history and reality.” This year, the new normalized Chinese economy contributed more than 25% to world economic growth, ranking second to none in the major economies.
China’s economic transformation of the outstanding guangzhou escort service transcripts in front of the Hangzhou summit bell sounded. At this moment, Xi Jinping standing on the podium, confident calmly, speech Weiweidaolai. “Four Processes” and “Five Unswervingly”, to the world about China’s road and future road. “Four construction” “three common” for the pulse of the world economy, to promote G20 from short-term policy to medium-and long-term policy transition, from crisis response to long-term governance mechanism transformation.
China’s confidence is also the confidence of the world. China’s opportunities, but also the world’s opportunities. President Xi Jinping proposed a new idea of jointly building an innovative, open, interlocking and inclusive world economy, for the first time comprehensively expounding China’s equal, open, cooperative and shared view of global economic governance. He stressed that to build a fair and efficient global financial governance structure, open and transparent pattern of global trade and investment governance, green low-carbon global energy governance structure, inclusive and coordinated global development governance pattern. Against the backdrop of globalization, China’s global economic governance, such as the spring breeze, as the G20 mechanism as the core platform for global economic governance, the future direction of development.
“Today’s China has stood at a new historical starting point.” This new starting point is a new starting point for China’s comprehensive deepening of reform, increasing the new impetus for economic and social development, and a new starting point for China’s adaptation to the new normal economic development and transformation of economic development , Is China’s deep interaction with the world, opening up to the world a new starting point.