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2016 International Climbing at Guangzhou

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Reporter learned from the organizers on the 14th, 2016 International Climbing China Guangzhou World Youth Climbing Championship in Guangzhou, ending a week-long contest to attract 41 countries and regions, about 500 athletes enrolled in the Guangzhou teenager Pan Yufei participated in the men’s Junior Group A three A project of the race, and won the all-round runner-up excellent results.

The event is sponsored by the International Climbing Federation, the Mountain Sports Administration Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, the Guangzhou Sports Center and the Guangzhou University City Sports Center. The speed climbing, rock climbing, rock climbing Competition, sub-men and women youth group, juvenile A group, juvenile B group, a total of 18 single, attracted 41 countries and regions, about 500 athletes enrolled.

After fierce competition, the project champion have been released. In the first end of the difficulty of the game arena, after three days of intense competition, the six champions were born: the French player A Fuzu and the United States genius girl Ashima points were men and women Junior B group difficulty, Italy player Dazzoli and Slovenian star Jain Brett won the men’s and women’s A-team, respectively, and the men’s and women’s youth team medals were divided into Belgian Lorenzi and US player Hayes.

In the subsequent speed race, the Russian team and the Italian team demonstrated a strong strength. Russia won the women’s speed of the project’s three titles, Gariva, Ivanova and Dalia were in the three age groups after the closure of the game, while the men’s Junior B group speed race was also the Russian players Nagar Jef won. Italy’s Lucca and Ludovico were in the men’s junior group A, men’s youth group speed race.

In the last match day, the rock climbing project decided the strongest: the audience focus Ashima has no suspense to get the women’s Junior B group champion, the French player Martin won the men’s Junior B group; male, female teenager group A Champion by the Japanese players and Slovenia won; men, women’s youth group rock climbing match finale, the final Croatian players and American players come out on top for the event draw on the successful conclusion. In addition, the event based on the players in the difficulty, speed, climbing three comprehensive results of the guangzhou massage competition, selected the all-around champion of the project.

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese team in the tournament sent 21 athletes of the appropriate age. In the women’s junior B group speed race, the Chinese player Ni Mingwei with personal best score of 9.86 seconds won the sixth. Zhang Peng and Zhu Rong won the men’s youth group speed race sixth and junior B speed race eighth. Guangzhou teenager Pan Yufei took part in the men’s Junior A group of three projects in the race, and won the all-round runner-up excellent results.

International Maritime Organization President Marco said the tournament preparatory organizations, the venue facilities conditions, logistics and other events are very satisfied with the work and praised the team is running a serious and responsible team, a high professional quality of the fine team, he firmly believes that the future There will be more international competition came to China, to Guangzhou.

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2016 International Youth League Climbing Championships

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The evening of November 6, 2016 International Youth League Climbing Youth Championships in Guangzhou, opening, from more than 40 countries and regions, more than 800 players will be November 7 -13 at the Guangzhou University City Sports Center climbing a high under.

The event is sponsored by the International Climbing Federation, the Mountain Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, the Guangzhou Sports Center and the Guangzhou University City Sports Center.

At the opening ceremony, the Secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Luo Jingjun, extended a warm welcome to young people from all over the world. Mr. Li Zhixin, vice chairman of the International Climbing Association and chairman of the Chinese Mountaineering Association, delivered a speech of passionate speech. Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Li Hongwei announced the opening of the competition.

“The competition is not only a competitive escort guangzhou platform, but also for young people from all over the world to provide a valuable exchange and submission opportunities, the youth is the hope of the future, looking forward to young players from around the world have wonderful performances. The opening said.

After the opening ceremony, the Organizing Committee carefully planned a performance. The four movements of “Lion Dance Dragon”, “Chinese Kung Fu”, “Oriental Swan” and “Beyond Dreams” combine Lingnan culture with rock climbing.

The World Youth Climbing Championships is the highest level of the Youth Climbing Competition organized by the International Climbing Federation. It is divided into four categories: speed climbing, rock climbing and rock climbing. The boys and girls group (18-19 age group), juvenile group A (16-17 Age group), juvenile B group (14-15 age group), a total of 18 individual items.

Li Zhixin at the opening ceremony pointed out: competitive climbing to become the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo after the official project from all over the world gathered in the Star of Hope Guangzhou University City, Guangzhou people fully embodies the love of rock climbing, but also reflects the rock climbing into the Austrian International Sports on the sport more and more attention. The competition attracted more than 800 athletes from more than 40 countries and regions, and the number of participating teams and athletes has reached a record high.

In August this year, the 129th plenary session of the International Olympic Committee through the rock climbing and other five major items into the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. In preparation for the Olympic Games, the team to make the main force to participate in this competition. Among them, the Japanese-American rock climbing genius Ashima, as well as last year’s World Youth Championship all-around runner-up, Guangzhou local star Pan Yufei is expected to shine in the game.

Rock climbing is known as “rock wall ballet,” the name, derived from the mountaineering, rich in a strong skill, adventure, extreme sports is an important project. In China, rock climbing after 10 years of development has begun to take shape, and attract more and more young people to participate.

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Guangzhou orientation, enjoy the outdoor

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According to reports, the guangzhou massage city directional movement from the outdoor enthusiasts in the mountain fun directional cross-country, through sports + tourism, leisure + movement model, has been the public’s hot pursuit, the tournament forecast number of more than 20,000 people, is expected to become Following the Guangzhou Marathon after the public participation in the highest mass sports events. 2016 China coordinates · Guangzhou City Orienteering Outdoor Challenge theme “Guangzhou orientation, Le enjoy the outdoor”, mainly presents four characteristics:

First, very fashionable. City orientation movement because of its unique way of competition, innovative player experience, has become the phenomenon of heat bursting event level, and by the public, especially young people love. 5 members of a team (at least one of which is the opposite sex), with the help of urban public transport in the form of walking, in accordance with the designated line to complete the task, and ultimately reach the destination. The outdoor activities combine challenge, stimulation, wisdom, entertainment, social, history and culture with the characteristics of sports competition and recreation, which makes the orientated cross-country that only the professional athletes participate in and becomes the popular participation fashion. Outdoor activities. All teams in the day of departure to know their own line, in the course of the game to continue to decrypt the next point marked the next task. Players comprehensive mental, physical and creative competition, in order to find a number of point targets, the completion of interesting tasks, to determine the final number of time with the number of places.

Second, highlight the characteristics of Huacheng. This competition has 8 lines, combined with Guangzhou 2000 years of history, humanities, economy, food, urban development and many other aspects, including the Guangzhou major business cards, show the city characteristics and city image. Eight lines of the theme: the Pearl River line, Sui Yue building traces, old and famous Guangzhou City, folk business, industrial heritage, treasure to the West, Guangdong University, Wenqu away, each line length of 25 km to 45 km, Throughout the city streets, shopping malls, old houses, monuments, most point mark can be reached by subway. Players can experience the charm of panoramic Guangzhou, Guangzhou features, culture, Guangzhou.

Third, the broad participation of the crowd. The competition 8-65 years of age people can register to participate. Event size of 3000 people, divided into competition group, vitality group, joy group, international group four groups. One international team is required to have one non-Chinese national team. International group arrived at the designated ancient buildings and the old city of Guangzhou to complete the task, in-depth experience of the ancient city of Guangzhou, the charm of the Millennium.

Fourth, promote low-carbon environmental protection. The event requires all participants to reach each designated location only by means of public transport (bus, metro) and on foot. This low-carbon environmental health can not only save resources, but also exercise the body, very fit this outdoor sports festival “love outdoors, enjoy nature” theme.

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Russian “ballet aircraft carrier” arrived at Shanghai

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This week, Guangzhou ushered in the Russian “ballet aircraft carrier” – Malinsiji Theater Ballet’s first visit, which is the first time the company visited the South China region. Following the classical ballet “Romeo and Juliet” on November 1st and 2nd, the classical ballet classic “Swan Lake” was staged at the Guangzhou Grand Theater last night, and the Guangzhou audience was amazed by the wonderful interpretation. Tonight and tomorrow afternoon, “Swan Lake” will continue to play two games.
The spire of the ballet world pyramid

One of the world’s most eye-catching art treasures is the Russian Ballet, and the Malinsky Theater Ballet is the spire of the ballet world pyramid, which has a world-renowned Russian classical ballet.

“Swan Lake” is still in the world of ballet continues to staged a classic handed down, but also many people in mind “ballet” synonymous – and in more than 120 years ago, premiere of this classic ballet dance, Linsky Theater Ballet. In this case,

This year is the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, the theater, theaters have staged according to Shakespeare’s classic adaptation of the play. Marilynski Theater premiered in 1940, the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” in strict accordance with the realistic road of escort guangzhou creation, as much as possible faithful to Shakespeare’s original clues and spirit, layers of advance. Prokofiev grand theater symphony, Lavrovsky pursuit of the original details of the grand choreography, make it a classic modern ballet. In addition to Marilynski Theater, few dance companies can perform “Romeo and Juliet”, because it requires a strong actor reserves: not only the huge number of actors, but also in the type of actors, technology, need to achieve high Configuration.

Perfect performance beautiful

The premiere of the premiere of classical ballet last night, “Swan Lake” shows the “ballet aircraft carrier” unparalleled real standards, as actor and actor is a million miles to pick the extraordinary conditions and solid education to cultivate superb skills; One sub-decorated corner of the female starring, white swans in gestures blooming breathtaking poignant and faithful, and in the prince feast on the feast of the black swan is both glamorous and sharp beauty, each section of technical action After all received a warm full house. The audience lamented: “The United States burst!”

Adhering to nearly 300 years of glorious tradition, Malinski Theater ballet and music performances in the world represents a high degree of absolute and absolute aesthetic standards, can be unbiased, faithfully restore the “Swan Lake” In each section of pure European different regional dance music. “This is the authentic, the most classic, most authentic” Swan Lake “!” “With the scene of the symphony accompaniment, whether it is the variation of the White Swan and Prince, or four little swans, or almost the most swan dance, Or the most complete character dance, people are super touched.Looking at the scene for some graceful dance, listening to the feet of 24 swans neatly on the floor to beat the sound, really beautiful. “After watching the performance of the audience amazed .

Guangzhou spectator civilizations

Malinsky Theater ballet dancers superb performance impressed the audience in Guangzhou, but the intermission is also a long time also led to some questions the audience: “two intermission, a total of 1 hour, did not come across ah. “In this regard, the Malinski Theater, said: This intermission set to give the actors enough time to rest, but also because the stage a lot of hard scenes for King take time.

Although the “intermission 30 minutes”, but the audience is still civilized to accept. The Grand Theater for such a long break for a special break, a knowledgeable audience, said: “To see the pure classical ballet will accept its appreciation of the rules, in fact, to see the performance of elegant art, and sometimes also a “It ‘s about promoting slow life, and I feel pretty fresh,” said the audience.

Ballet from 7:30 pm to the end, but the audience is very intoxicated, actor curtain call sounded prolonged applause … …

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Real”Guangzhou city center”

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Guangzhou city center community public service facilities will be further optimized, yesterday, the Guangzhou community life circle and public center optimization special planning to start bidding, which put forward the implementation of the State Council and the Guangzhou municipal government to build community life circle requirements, build 15 minutes community walking Living circle.

The existing public service package does not meet the demand

In February 2016, the “CPC Central Committee and State Council on Further Strengthening the Urban Planning and Construction Management of a number of guangzhou escort service opinions”, the clear emphasis on “to create convenient and efficient living area, so that people in the sharing of the building have more sense of access.” Domestic cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and other cities have also completed the planning of urban living area based on the walking distance and frequency of the residents. Outline put forward the focus on creating “15-minute living circle” concept of development. Combined with the development of urban space goals and needs to build community life circle, a national concept of shared development, to enhance the well-being of residents an important trend.

Tender Notice pointed out that, on the one hand, the Guangzhou urban living groups and community service facilities on the planning and related research is lagging behind the status quo of the living population, living space distribution characteristics of inadequate understanding, resulting in the lack of community public service facilities configuration and optimization Scientific support; on the other hand, the existing standards of community public service facilities there is a “one size fits all” problem, it is difficult to adapt to aging, migrant workers and other urban development of the real needs of urban planning is not conducive to population, function and spatial structure Optimization of the guiding role.

Clearly the scale of community life in 2020

“Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government of Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City People’s Government on the further strengthening of urban planning and construction management of the implementation of the views of” clearly put forward to the core of the human environment as a whole to upgrade and build 15-minute community pedestrian life. Therefore, in order to further implement the requirements of the State Council and the Guangzhou municipal government to build community life circle, improve the construction of community public service facilities, Guangzhou need to carry out community life circle and public center optimization planning.

Tender notice requirements, the scope of the planning study is Liwan, Yuexiu, Haizhu, Tianhe, Huangpu, Baiyun, Panyu and Huadu eight administrative regions, an area of ​​about 3060 square kilometers. According to the level and scale of the community life circle, considering the status quo development foundation, urban development strategy, rail transit guidance and other factors, the preparation of the Guangzhou living group (Guangzhou residential living group planning level and size) This paper puts forward the optimization proposal of the current planning management system in Guangzhou, combining with the residential group division scheme.

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“Dream Swan Lake” show at Guangzhou

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Fantasy visual show “Dream Swan Lake” will be November 18 ~ 20 at the Guangzhou International Sports Performing Arts Center staged. As the “dream series” visual show’s first work, “Dream Swan Lake” will be 2016 as the Guangzhou International Lighting Festival opening ceremony performances and the audience. The repertoire is directed by Vladimir Sergevich Petrov, the best director of the “Gold Mask” award, the highest award in Russian drama. In the classical dance of the ballet “Swan Lake”, he incorporates a variety of modern art forms , Constitute a 7D fantasy visual show – sound, light, electricity, water, fog, smoke, interactive set in one of the audio-visual performances.
According to reports, “Dream Series” to the traditional musical, stage play as the basic framework of the script story, a variety of forms of jewelry, background and curtain, joined the imagination and visual effects stunning lighting effects and even three-dimensional escort in guangzhou animation effect. At the same time, the work will be the traditional classical repertoire and modern art forms of fusion, to produce a dream-like, magnificent scene. In this new artistic re-creation process, will inject more vitality into the original play, adding more in line with the aesthetic elements of modern art. In the lineup, “Dream Series” according to the different classic repertoire to invite a very representative team to join the show, breaking the musical, stage play “the same team tour around” the traditional model.

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