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The most beautiful ecological hiking routes at Guangzhou

28, the reporter learned from the Conghua District, Conghua will be the first in Guangzhou characteristics of the town – “Lin Ma town” welcoming occasion of the “one race all the way to a base” flag ceremony to showcase the Conghua high quality brigade Resources. According to reports, from the State Sports General Administration will jointly create a national outdoor industry model city.

Conghua district official said, “a race all the way to a base” refers to the “ancient Yue Road South Road, the final cross-country competition,” “Conghua climbing fitness trail” and “create a national outdoor industry model city.” The selection of the “lotus town” flag, one to show the most natural beauty of Guangzhou, the United States, followed by the town of Lin Ma led and carried to the outside world Conghua culture, sports, tourism and other high-quality resources.

Conghua rich outdoor resources, deep cultural background, has become the country’s well-known outdoor sports held. Such as the ancient shadow line, the province is the most beautiful hiking line, attracting 10,000 people a year climbing hiking. As the north gate of Guangzhou, Lin Ma village is surrounded by rolling mountains, has a unique ecological advantages. It is far away from the bustling metropolis, there is no pollution, noise, haze, some just natural oxygen bar. Lin Ma village jurisdiction area of 40 square kilometers, of which the forest coverage rate reached 89%, especially for outdoor activities.

Conghua District, the person in charge, Guangzhou escort City, the first line of foot on the overall planning, with a total length of 1000 km, this year the first demonstration of the construction phase of 100 km, of which 60 km Conghua. Conghua section will be the town of lianxi area as the core, combined with the “characteristics of the town” construction, in series from the eight mountains nearly 1000 meters above sea level to build the most beautiful ecological hiking routes in Guangdong, the end of the upcoming. The project plans to declare a national pedestrian line demonstration section.

“Conghua and the State Sports General Administration of Mountain Sports Management Center signed a work agreement, which means that China Mountaineering Management Center of professional resources and the Conghua District of climbing fitness trails and other rich outdoor resources, human resources together to create a national outdoor industry model city New model. “The former official said, the next step, the development of sports tourism will be systematic planning and design, and in accordance with the” government-led, market participation, classification advancement “principle, perfect sports tourism infrastructure, breakthrough industry bottleneck, And strive to build a national first-class leisure and tourism destination.

In order to show the general public visitors Conghua beautiful town of the construction results, during the National Day, “Lin Ma town” will be held two important cultural guangzhou nightlife recreational activities. The first is the yellow sand pit revolutionary memorial hall opened on September 30, citizens can witness to the Dongjiang column of the anti-Japanese revolutionary recovery scene. Corresponding to the “Lu Tian Lin Ma town seven days of national music” activities, through a series of cultural, sports, tourism activities show the new rural Yan.

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Cultural and technological innovation and integration

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September 27, the “cultural and technological innovation and integration of local economic development” seminar and the Guangzhou Creative Economy Association second session of the Second Council opening, started the “vitality of the Guangzhou public create the future – 2010 Guangzhou Social Science Academic and Popular Science Activities quarter “learn academic activities series” first shot “.

The symposium was sponsored by the Guangzhou Federation of Social Sciences, hosted by the Guangzhou Creative Economy Association, and launched by the News Broadcasting Network of the HKUST Intelligent Artificial Intelligence System. Guangzhou, the vice president of social sciences Tan Xiaohong on behalf of the event organizers said in his speech, in the cross-border, collaborative innovation trend to digital media and mobile Internet as the representative of the scientific and technological innovation and cultural creativity as the representative of cultural innovation will be cultural and technological Development of the main driving force.

Guangdong University of Finance and Economics School of Public Administration, vice president, director of the Cultural Industry Research Center Fang Dong released the “Guangzhou City Cultural and Technological Development Report”, analysis of Guangzhou cultural and technological innovation and integration of the status quo. The report shows that Guangzhou escort has initially formed a more reasonable cultural and technological integration of industrial structure and format distribution, cultivate a group of strong independent research and development, creative ability, with its own brand, strong backbone culture technology enterprises such as NetEase, Austrian flying animation, original power, Man Friends of culture, Li & Fung Wen-hu, etc., and formed a large-scale cultural and technological related industries cluster. Fang Dong believes that the integration of Guangzhou culture and technology innovation as a whole has been walking in the forefront of the country, in the “double hit” context, there is a huge opportunity, but also faces challenges.

In this regard, Fang Dong suggested that Guangzhou to go to the humanistic spirit-oriented, science and technology means to support the integration of cultural and technological development of the road, it is necessary to increase policy support, but also to stimulate corporate consciousness and innovation, implementation Talent strategy, so that multi-pronged approach to further promote the integration of Guangzhou culture and science and technology innovation and development stride.

Li Li, Vice President of Li & Fung Culture, shared the practical case of Li & Fung culture’s innovation in culture and science and technology, thus illustrating the business model of cross-border integration. He believes that the current society is in the “spirit just needs” era, through the “culture + technology” show fusion innovation, promote economic development, is promising. “See also Pingyao”, for example, the integration of space art and time art, the use of advanced digital media and acousto-optic technology, the commercial space, public space and tourism space integration innovation, creating a new large-scale theme sitcom. According to statistics, “see Pingyao” since February 18, 2013 performance, as of April 12, 2016, the cumulative performance of more than 2000 games, three years to achieve box office income of nearly 200 million yuan.

In addition to bringing a customized “news network”, Wu Junhua, vice president of HKUST, introduced the outstanding achievements of HKUST’s speech technology and artificial intelligence through “US President Barack Obama.” As the largest voice and artificial intelligence company in the Asia-Pacific region, HKUST has more than 70% market share in the country. Based on the theory of “voice is the main ID of all things interconnected”, this paper analyzes the intelligent marketing model led by AI, and points out that the future will enter the BOT intelligent marketing cloud platform through the powerful function of on-the-spot demonstration. era.

“In the context of the knowledge-based economy, a high level of intellectual property consulting services has become a priority for many enterprises,” said Mo Yiming, product manager of Guangzhou Okay Information Consulting Co. Ltd., in a sharing report on “Internet + IP Innovation Advisory Service Model” , So Okay independent innovation, building based on “Internet +” intellectual property management cloud platform – the wisdom of the light of intellectual property management cloud platform, with “online standard” and “line counseling” combination, can help enterprises You can easily and smoothly implement standards implementation, to achieve a comprehensive, easy to use, friendly and safe high-quality, standardized intellectual property management. According to reports, there are 128 enterprises in the use of the platform for service, to enhance the efficiency and level of service played a huge role in promoting.

The experts also raised the issue of innovation and development on the “North Guangshen” or “north of Shenzhen Hang” questioned the views of a number of experts believe that Guangzhou has a large number of high-quality, the country’s leading innovative enterprises, Technology, electronic information, network technology, animation games, Internet innovation and other fields are walking in the forefront of the country. These high-quality forces continue to integrate development, bear the city of Guangzhou innovation, economic restructuring and upgrading of the historic task, so that the community to see the vitality of Guangzhou vigorous innovation.

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Guangzhou day tour

According to the national low-altitude airspace management reform policy, Guangzhou encourages qualified navigable enterprises to carry out air travel, charter flights and other business. At present, Yuexiu Real Estate Group has opened the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai inter-city helicopter routes.

The first half of the total tourism income of 128.7 billion yuan in Guangzhou

As an important national central city, in recent years the development of tourism in Guangzhou has maintained a good momentum of steady growth, the indicators at the forefront of the sub-provincial cities. In 2015, the city has 50 A-class tourist attractions, 204 star hotels, 483 travel agencies, has become an important tourist destination in southern China, distribution center, tourist source and tourism industry gathering place. In the first half of this year, the tourism industry in Guangzhou continued to develop steadily and rapidly. 1-6 months, the city’s tourists grew 6.32%; total tourism income of 128.7 billion yuan, an increase of 9.23%.

The four major tourist hubs let you go and travel

When you drive or backpack to Guangzhou, the face of unfamiliar streets, unfamiliar people, how to find in a short time Kaopu traffic and tourist routes? Looking for tourism hub just fine. Here you can provide convenient travel travel, preferential attractions tickets, as well as tourism promotion, hotel reservations, ticket reservations, vehicle rental, and other diversified services. Over the past year, the travel distribution center has sent more than 7,000 flights, more than 20 million visitors.

“Guangzhou day tour” have to eat to see

Take the Guangzhou Tourism Distribution Center (South Station) as an example, this center is positioned to meet the demand of tourists traveling along the high-speed rail to carry out a series of classic tourist routes such as “Guangzhou Day Tour”, “Vigor Guangdong” and “Guangdong Tour” Visitors more intuitive understanding of Cantonese culture, which started the Guangzhou tourism brand.

South Station tourist center launched the ‘polar’ height of Guangzhou, a wonderful day tour of food, visitors can board the Guangzhou Tower overlooking the two thousand years of the old city, you can walk through the city’s new axis to understand the escort guangzhou city new look, you can hang around Lingnan characteristics of the Lai Chi Wan, taste the Xihua Road, Guangzhou snacks and Cantonese-style afternoon tea. The route will also arrange for tourists to go to Guangzhou landmark building Wuyang sculpture and the Museum of the South Vietnamese king. This line throughout the year prices are relatively stable, attractions car dining only need 288 yuan / person, than their bus ride to the scenic area to buy tickets to attractions to save money and time.

Can provide scenic spots, hotel vehicles and other services

The biggest advantage of the Guangzhou Tourism Distribution Center is the integration of tourism resources, set tourism station, tourist line, tourism supermarkets, tourism advisory services, tourism information dissemination and other functions in one. Tourists in the tourism hub, in addition to travel convenience, ticket booking can also be a simple step through the phone, not 5 minutes to complete, so that travel more convenient and pleasant. Visitors can also enjoy round-trip ticket here plus tickets, hotel accommodation and other self-help travel concessions.

In order to ensure the safety of tourists travel, Passenger Buses have been safety inspection cases, the driver of the strict review of information, complete the train passes and other security checks, so you peace of mind, rest assured that travel.

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Zoo will be built at shopping mall of Guangzhou

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Recently, a shopping center will be built in the Guangzhou Animal Paradise News netizens concern, in addition to health issues to worry about, but users also expressed concern about the animal’s living environment. It is understood that the animal park to be built in Tianhe District, Guangzhou Grandview Mall 7 floors with a total construction area of 5905 square meters, less than a standard football field.

Recently, the construction project has been in Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official website publicity, publicity deadline to September 28. Reporters saw from the publicity material, the animal park in addition to showing butterflies, bees and other insects, but also to show the white tiger, giant panda gibbon even total more than 8000 animals.

Director of the Biodiversity Research Center, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences Li Junsheng that in order to build in closed rooms suitable wildlife bionic environment, light, temperature etc. to meet the wet conditions, the cost will be higher, “I can not understand.”

Animal park plan completed in January 2017

Reporters found that the EIA document is being publicized in the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official website, guangzhou escort documents show, according to construction projects related to the environment regulations impact assessment approval process, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, “Grandview Polar Ocean World Phase II – Grandview Meng Chong animal park construction project environmental impact statement “to be accepted. Publicity period to September 28.

Environmental experts Peng Deng analysis, if the project is accepted, the basic description of the project in accordance with local policy and planning. After accepting, through expert review, public views, comprehensive study and other processes, to draw conclusions.

Reporters have been disclosed in this environmental impact statement to see, the proposed animal park located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Grandview Plaza, 7th Floor, construction area of nearly 6,000 square meters, is expected to be completed in January next year. Upon completion, will showcase more than 8,400 animals, of which the vast majority of insects, the number more than 8000, and another two giant pandas, red pandas 2, two white tiger, gibbon 10.

In addition, the name Grandview Polar Ocean World, an indoor aquarium project has been completed and trial operation, located in Grandview Plaza 2-4 layers show sea lions, seals, dolphins and other marine life.

Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce said that encourage business innovation

Zoo mall built approach netizens discussion. Some users believe that the stench zoo would affect the surrounding air environment, and about the problem of bacterial infection, there are also netizens expressed concern for the health of animals.

For public comment, September 22, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce responsible person has to respond to the current construction plan is still in the process of public hearings. He said Guangzhou to encourage business innovation, while the specific operation to be carried out according to the law in accordance with regulations, the relevant decisions should participate in the industry, the public and government authorities to make tripartite.

Yesterday, the reporter called the project construction unit, which officials said many of the problems are described in detail in the EIA report, we will listen to public comment. Whether it is appropriate for indoor rearing of wild animals and other issues, it is no longer the answer.

Currently, the project is still in the EIA public notice period. Peng Deng introduced, publicity period, the process is to listen to public opinion, the public can also participate in the project gradually improved. “I would be more heed interests may be affected by the project-related units and personal opinion.” But he suggested that the public opinion will analyze whether rational.

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Guangzhou Bar Street bikini girl blowing a condom

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From 2016 August 9, the whole world is watching Rio Olympics in full swing, while the traditional festival of the Chinese land – Tanabata Festival has quietly arrived. “After the holidays, the concept of the Olympic Games,” Chinese people should become the main entertainment lunar July 7, but a form of celebration has big way recently learned deposit dispute.


Yesterday received a public bid, the number of young women dressed in bikini distributed in the Pearl River New City Shing Road bar street from passers-by to condoms, and guangzhou escort service condoms distributed in different ways in the past is that women’s bikini while passersby distribute condoms, while condoms blown balloon gift or passers-by, or hanging in the body. When Xiao Bian arrived on the scene and witnessed the body hot and sexy, beautiful appearance of a number of young women attracted a large number of onlookers, and even some members of the public and daring woman bikini photo nostalgia.


It is understood that one of the bikini woman said that the event was initiated by their voluntary activities from planning to raise the cost of implementation and the landing is done by a force them, mainly to promote its preventable diseases and the strengthening of people’s safety awareness. In the follow-up process, and we continue to hear people’s voices of doubt and amazing sound. Most senior citizens also said so exaggerated, bizarre publicity it is difficult to accept, let alone the traditional Tanabata festival is, logically should be celebrated in the traditional way. In contrast, many young men think this spectacular publicity, he had never seen, though a bit bold, but very interesting, but also have to face each other at the end of the photo and volunteers, talking and laughing.


One of the volunteers also revealed that the campaign used a condom are from a Jingdong Mall stores, procurement costs is the team obtained financing, according to the clues to identify the volunteer team Olive condoms distributed system is currently the world’s most thin record holder. Who was chosen in the Tanabata Festival sponsored propaganda, is a disease of the high year-round, while the younger group of patients is the main use of the festival’s influence can enhance the effect of publicity, raise safety awareness; second is a very fast-paced life has earth dilute the traditional culture, many young almost exclusively abroad remember Valentine’s Day, and forget there is a Chinese Tanabata festival.


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Guangzhou nightclub exciting nightlife

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Guangzhou Nightlife always colorful, people from around the world gathered in the city, the club brought together a group of people, it is the beginning of their wonderful life at night.


Many people in the bar, in the middle of the dance floor walk with all kinds of seductive girls.
Young kept in night games with the deafening music, crazy shaking, long hair swinging back and forth up and down about.


So wild and open nightclubs ……
The picture shows a night guangzhou escort market in Guangzhou screen.
Celia headdress joined to create a single-store monthly sales of 200,000 5 square meters, the industry miracle terminal 90% profit rate.
In the next five-year plan, Celia quality stores over 1000 2018 over 2000, 2020, over 3000,
Achievements of China’s largest chain of hair accessories brand, to provide the best platform for women entrepreneurs women around the world!
Celia (syriaer) from 2015 to upgrade the brand, began working quickly create 10 billionaires open 100 stores over the next five years, 50 to open 25 stores millionaires!