Guangzhou Bar Street bikini girl blowing a condom

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Guangzhou Bar Street bikini girl blowing a condom

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From 2016 August 9, the whole world is watching Rio Olympics in full swing, while the traditional festival of the Chinese land – Tanabata Festival has quietly arrived. “After the holidays, the concept of the Olympic Games,” Chinese people should become the main entertainment lunar July 7, but a form of celebration has big way recently learned deposit dispute.


Yesterday received a public bid, the number of young women dressed in bikini distributed in the Pearl River New City Shing Road bar street from passers-by to condoms, and guangzhou escort service condoms distributed in different ways in the past is that women’s bikini while passersby distribute condoms, while condoms blown balloon gift or passers-by, or hanging in the body. When Xiao Bian arrived on the scene and witnessed the body hot and sexy, beautiful appearance of a number of young women attracted a large number of onlookers, and even some members of the public and daring woman bikini photo nostalgia.


It is understood that one of the bikini woman said that the event was initiated by their voluntary activities from planning to raise the cost of implementation and the landing is done by a force them, mainly to promote its preventable diseases and the strengthening of people’s safety awareness. In the follow-up process, and we continue to hear people’s voices of doubt and amazing sound. Most senior citizens also said so exaggerated, bizarre publicity it is difficult to accept, let alone the traditional Tanabata festival is, logically should be celebrated in the traditional way. In contrast, many young men think this spectacular publicity, he had never seen, though a bit bold, but very interesting, but also have to face each other at the end of the photo and volunteers, talking and laughing.


One of the volunteers also revealed that the campaign used a condom are from a Jingdong Mall stores, procurement costs is the team obtained financing, according to the clues to identify the volunteer team Olive condoms distributed system is currently the world’s most thin record holder. Who was chosen in the Tanabata Festival sponsored propaganda, is a disease of the high year-round, while the younger group of patients is the main use of the festival’s influence can enhance the effect of publicity, raise safety awareness; second is a very fast-paced life has earth dilute the traditional culture, many young almost exclusively abroad remember Valentine’s Day, and forget there is a Chinese Tanabata festival.


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