China- a confident country

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China- a confident country

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September 3, President Xi Jinping in Hangzhou in 2016 to attend the opening ceremony of the Group of 20 industrial and commercial summit, and entitled “China’s new starting point for the development of new blueprint for global growth,” the keynote speech.
This is Xi Jinping President arrived in Hangzhou, the world debut.
The venue of the International Convention Center was packed, quiet enough to hear the rustling of the pen across the paper. G20 business summit (B20 summit) opening ceremony, G20 members and guests of more than 800 delegates sitting in the audience, listen attentively. Policy makers in the world economy will also perceive the global market at zero distance from the G20 summit back-to-back.
“China’s new starting point for the development of new global blueprint for growth,” a 50-minute keynote speech, President Xi Jinping both about the eyes of the world in China, but also depicts the eyes of China in the world. This speech is called the Hangzhou Summit during the most concentrated display of the concept of China, China advocates the most systematic expression.
The world has never been as eager to listen to China as it is today.
Today, China, the world’s population accounts for nearly 1/5, the second largest economy, out of a “very different with the Western system, the success of the road.” Its choice to judge, aggressive as a profound impact on the 21st century and even more distant future.
“I am afraid can not find a more appropriate country than China to pass on the confidence of the economic future.” Foreign media commentary is precisely today, China and the world a footnote interaction. Two years ago at the Brisbane Summit, the 11th G20 summit in China spread the news spread throughout the world, the recovery of the weak world economy, opened a new look at China’s program.
A year ago, at the Antalya Summit, the world carefully listened to President Xi Jinping’s ideas on the Hangzhou Summit. “I believe the 2016 summit will present a unique blend of history and reality.” This year, the new normalized Chinese economy contributed more than 25% to world economic growth, ranking second to none in the major economies.
China’s economic transformation of the outstanding guangzhou escort service transcripts in front of the Hangzhou summit bell sounded. At this moment, Xi Jinping standing on the podium, confident calmly, speech Weiweidaolai. “Four Processes” and “Five Unswervingly”, to the world about China’s road and future road. “Four construction” “three common” for the pulse of the world economy, to promote G20 from short-term policy to medium-and long-term policy transition, from crisis response to long-term governance mechanism transformation.
China’s confidence is also the confidence of the world. China’s opportunities, but also the world’s opportunities. President Xi Jinping proposed a new idea of jointly building an innovative, open, interlocking and inclusive world economy, for the first time comprehensively expounding China’s equal, open, cooperative and shared view of global economic governance. He stressed that to build a fair and efficient global financial governance structure, open and transparent pattern of global trade and investment governance, green low-carbon global energy governance structure, inclusive and coordinated global development governance pattern. Against the backdrop of globalization, China’s global economic governance, such as the spring breeze, as the G20 mechanism as the core platform for global economic governance, the future direction of development.
“Today’s China has stood at a new historical starting point.” This new starting point is a new starting point for China’s comprehensive deepening of reform, increasing the new impetus for economic and social development, and a new starting point for China’s adaptation to the new normal economic development and transformation of economic development , Is China’s deep interaction with the world, opening up to the world a new starting point.

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