“Dream Swan Lake” show at Guangzhou

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“Dream Swan Lake” show at Guangzhou

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Fantasy visual show “Dream Swan Lake” will be November 18 ~ 20 at the Guangzhou International Sports Performing Arts Center staged. As the “dream series” visual show’s first work, “Dream Swan Lake” will be 2016 as the Guangzhou International Lighting Festival opening ceremony performances and the audience. The repertoire is directed by Vladimir Sergevich Petrov, the best director of the “Gold Mask” award, the highest award in Russian drama. In the classical dance of the ballet “Swan Lake”, he incorporates a variety of modern art forms , Constitute a 7D fantasy visual show – sound, light, electricity, water, fog, smoke, interactive set in one of the audio-visual performances.
According to reports, “Dream Series” to the traditional musical, stage play as the basic framework of the script story, a variety of forms of jewelry, background and curtain, joined the imagination and visual effects stunning lighting effects and even three-dimensional escort in guangzhou animation effect. At the same time, the work will be the traditional classical repertoire and modern art forms of fusion, to produce a dream-like, magnificent scene. In this new artistic re-creation process, will inject more vitality into the original play, adding more in line with the aesthetic elements of modern art. In the lineup, “Dream Series” according to the different classic repertoire to invite a very representative team to join the show, breaking the musical, stage play “the same team tour around” the traditional model.

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