The most beautiful ecological hiking routes at Guangzhou

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The most beautiful ecological hiking routes at Guangzhou

28, the reporter learned from the Conghua District, Conghua will be the first in Guangzhou characteristics of the town – “Lin Ma town” welcoming occasion of the “one race all the way to a base” flag ceremony to showcase the Conghua high quality brigade Resources. According to reports, from the State Sports General Administration will jointly create a national outdoor industry model city.

Conghua district official said, “a race all the way to a base” refers to the “ancient Yue Road South Road, the final cross-country competition,” “Conghua climbing fitness trail” and “create a national outdoor industry model city.” The selection of the “lotus town” flag, one to show the most natural beauty of Guangzhou, the United States, followed by the town of Lin Ma led and carried to the outside world Conghua culture, sports, tourism and other high-quality resources.

Conghua rich outdoor resources, deep cultural background, has become the country’s well-known outdoor sports held. Such as the ancient shadow line, the province is the most beautiful hiking line, attracting 10,000 people a year climbing hiking. As the north gate of Guangzhou, Lin Ma village is surrounded by rolling mountains, has a unique ecological advantages. It is far away from the bustling metropolis, there is no pollution, noise, haze, some just natural oxygen bar. Lin Ma village jurisdiction area of 40 square kilometers, of which the forest coverage rate reached 89%, especially for outdoor activities.

Conghua District, the person in charge, Guangzhou escort City, the first line of foot on the overall planning, with a total length of 1000 km, this year the first demonstration of the construction phase of 100 km, of which 60 km Conghua. Conghua section will be the town of lianxi area as the core, combined with the “characteristics of the town” construction, in series from the eight mountains nearly 1000 meters above sea level to build the most beautiful ecological hiking routes in Guangdong, the end of the upcoming. The project plans to declare a national pedestrian line demonstration section.

“Conghua and the State Sports General Administration of Mountain Sports Management Center signed a work agreement, which means that China Mountaineering Management Center of professional resources and the Conghua District of climbing fitness trails and other rich outdoor resources, human resources together to create a national outdoor industry model city New model. “The former official said, the next step, the development of sports tourism will be systematic planning and design, and in accordance with the” government-led, market participation, classification advancement “principle, perfect sports tourism infrastructure, breakthrough industry bottleneck, And strive to build a national first-class leisure and tourism destination.

In order to show the general public visitors Conghua beautiful town of the construction results, during the National Day, “Lin Ma town” will be held two important cultural guangzhou nightlife recreational activities. The first is the yellow sand pit revolutionary memorial hall opened on September 30, citizens can witness to the Dongjiang column of the anti-Japanese revolutionary recovery scene. Corresponding to the “Lu Tian Lin Ma town seven days of national music” activities, through a series of cultural, sports, tourism activities show the new rural Yan.

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