Guangzhou day tour

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Guangzhou day tour

According to the national low-altitude airspace management reform policy, Guangzhou encourages qualified navigable enterprises to carry out air travel, charter flights and other business. At present, Yuexiu Real Estate Group has opened the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai inter-city helicopter routes.

The first half of the total tourism income of 128.7 billion yuan in Guangzhou

As an important national central city, in recent years the development of tourism in Guangzhou has maintained a good momentum of steady growth, the indicators at the forefront of the sub-provincial cities. In 2015, the city has 50 A-class tourist attractions, 204 star hotels, 483 travel agencies, has become an important tourist destination in southern China, distribution center, tourist source and tourism industry gathering place. In the first half of this year, the tourism industry in Guangzhou continued to develop steadily and rapidly. 1-6 months, the city’s tourists grew 6.32%; total tourism income of 128.7 billion yuan, an increase of 9.23%.

The four major tourist hubs let you go and travel

When you drive or backpack to Guangzhou, the face of unfamiliar streets, unfamiliar people, how to find in a short time Kaopu traffic and tourist routes? Looking for tourism hub just fine. Here you can provide convenient travel travel, preferential attractions tickets, as well as tourism promotion, hotel reservations, ticket reservations, vehicle rental, and other diversified services. Over the past year, the travel distribution center has sent more than 7,000 flights, more than 20 million visitors.

“Guangzhou day tour” have to eat to see

Take the Guangzhou Tourism Distribution Center (South Station) as an example, this center is positioned to meet the demand of tourists traveling along the high-speed rail to carry out a series of classic tourist routes such as “Guangzhou Day Tour”, “Vigor Guangdong” and “Guangdong Tour” Visitors more intuitive understanding of Cantonese culture, which started the Guangzhou tourism brand.

South Station tourist center launched the ‘polar’ height of Guangzhou, a wonderful day tour of food, visitors can board the Guangzhou Tower overlooking the two thousand years of the old city, you can walk through the city’s new axis to understand the escort guangzhou city new look, you can hang around Lingnan characteristics of the Lai Chi Wan, taste the Xihua Road, Guangzhou snacks and Cantonese-style afternoon tea. The route will also arrange for tourists to go to Guangzhou landmark building Wuyang sculpture and the Museum of the South Vietnamese king. This line throughout the year prices are relatively stable, attractions car dining only need 288 yuan / person, than their bus ride to the scenic area to buy tickets to attractions to save money and time.

Can provide scenic spots, hotel vehicles and other services

The biggest advantage of the Guangzhou Tourism Distribution Center is the integration of tourism resources, set tourism station, tourist line, tourism supermarkets, tourism advisory services, tourism information dissemination and other functions in one. Tourists in the tourism hub, in addition to travel convenience, ticket booking can also be a simple step through the phone, not 5 minutes to complete, so that travel more convenient and pleasant. Visitors can also enjoy round-trip ticket here plus tickets, hotel accommodation and other self-help travel concessions.

In order to ensure the safety of tourists travel, Passenger Buses have been safety inspection cases, the driver of the strict review of information, complete the train passes and other security checks, so you peace of mind, rest assured that travel.

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