Cultural and technological innovation and integration

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Cultural and technological innovation and integration

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September 27, the “cultural and technological innovation and integration of local economic development” seminar and the Guangzhou Creative Economy Association second session of the Second Council opening, started the “vitality of the Guangzhou public create the future – 2010 Guangzhou Social Science Academic and Popular Science Activities quarter “learn academic activities series” first shot “.

The symposium was sponsored by the Guangzhou Federation of Social Sciences, hosted by the Guangzhou Creative Economy Association, and launched by the News Broadcasting Network of the HKUST Intelligent Artificial Intelligence System. Guangzhou, the vice president of social sciences Tan Xiaohong on behalf of the event organizers said in his speech, in the cross-border, collaborative innovation trend to digital media and mobile Internet as the representative of the scientific and technological innovation and cultural creativity as the representative of cultural innovation will be cultural and technological Development of the main driving force.

Guangdong University of Finance and Economics School of Public Administration, vice president, director of the Cultural Industry Research Center Fang Dong released the “Guangzhou City Cultural and Technological Development Report”, analysis of Guangzhou cultural and technological innovation and integration of the status quo. The report shows that Guangzhou escort has initially formed a more reasonable cultural and technological integration of industrial structure and format distribution, cultivate a group of strong independent research and development, creative ability, with its own brand, strong backbone culture technology enterprises such as NetEase, Austrian flying animation, original power, Man Friends of culture, Li & Fung Wen-hu, etc., and formed a large-scale cultural and technological related industries cluster. Fang Dong believes that the integration of Guangzhou culture and technology innovation as a whole has been walking in the forefront of the country, in the “double hit” context, there is a huge opportunity, but also faces challenges.

In this regard, Fang Dong suggested that Guangzhou to go to the humanistic spirit-oriented, science and technology means to support the integration of cultural and technological development of the road, it is necessary to increase policy support, but also to stimulate corporate consciousness and innovation, implementation Talent strategy, so that multi-pronged approach to further promote the integration of Guangzhou culture and science and technology innovation and development stride.

Li Li, Vice President of Li & Fung Culture, shared the practical case of Li & Fung culture’s innovation in culture and science and technology, thus illustrating the business model of cross-border integration. He believes that the current society is in the “spirit just needs” era, through the “culture + technology” show fusion innovation, promote economic development, is promising. “See also Pingyao”, for example, the integration of space art and time art, the use of advanced digital media and acousto-optic technology, the commercial space, public space and tourism space integration innovation, creating a new large-scale theme sitcom. According to statistics, “see Pingyao” since February 18, 2013 performance, as of April 12, 2016, the cumulative performance of more than 2000 games, three years to achieve box office income of nearly 200 million yuan.

In addition to bringing a customized “news network”, Wu Junhua, vice president of HKUST, introduced the outstanding achievements of HKUST’s speech technology and artificial intelligence through “US President Barack Obama.” As the largest voice and artificial intelligence company in the Asia-Pacific region, HKUST has more than 70% market share in the country. Based on the theory of “voice is the main ID of all things interconnected”, this paper analyzes the intelligent marketing model led by AI, and points out that the future will enter the BOT intelligent marketing cloud platform through the powerful function of on-the-spot demonstration. era.

“In the context of the knowledge-based economy, a high level of intellectual property consulting services has become a priority for many enterprises,” said Mo Yiming, product manager of Guangzhou Okay Information Consulting Co. Ltd., in a sharing report on “Internet + IP Innovation Advisory Service Model” , So Okay independent innovation, building based on “Internet +” intellectual property management cloud platform – the wisdom of the light of intellectual property management cloud platform, with “online standard” and “line counseling” combination, can help enterprises You can easily and smoothly implement standards implementation, to achieve a comprehensive, easy to use, friendly and safe high-quality, standardized intellectual property management. According to reports, there are 128 enterprises in the use of the platform for service, to enhance the efficiency and level of service played a huge role in promoting.

The experts also raised the issue of innovation and development on the “North Guangshen” or “north of Shenzhen Hang” questioned the views of a number of experts believe that Guangzhou has a large number of high-quality, the country’s leading innovative enterprises, Technology, electronic information, network technology, animation games, Internet innovation and other fields are walking in the forefront of the country. These high-quality forces continue to integrate development, bear the city of Guangzhou innovation, economic restructuring and upgrading of the historic task, so that the community to see the vitality of Guangzhou vigorous innovation.

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