Impression of Guangzhou

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Impression of Guangzhou

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Attend 2016 Guangdong Maritime Silk Road International Fair theme forum – capacity cooperation and innovation and development of high-end forum “Hai Si” along the national official specifications, the highest level for the previous Hai Si Expo theme forum of the most. The former Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit, the former Prime Minister of Nepal Babraram Batailu 17 countries such as 19 politicians and officials, Amman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan 58 foreign business leaders, well-known multinational entrepreneurs and about 800 representatives Will attend. Yesterday, former Nepalese Prime Minister Babram Batailu, Pakistan embassy in China and Pakistan economic corridor special envoy Zafar, an interview with Guangdong media.
Former Prime Minister of Nepal Babraham Batailu interview with this reporter, frankly, Guangzhou CBD, the old city have their own characteristics, the image of Guangzhou is impressive.

Babraham Bataili admiration for China’s “all the way along the” strategy, and said that Guangzhou will be “along the way” driven by the trade in the country to play a greater influence: “China’s current ‘along the way’ Strategy, is very much in line with Nepal will be their own as a bridge between China and India such a positioning.Lately we have seen some new progress, China’s Qinghai-Tibet Railway has been extended to the Sino-Nepalese border, and a few years we will see The railway from Lhasa will be extended to the border between Nepal and Nepal, and then further extension in Nepal, so we can use the railway to extend the traditional Silk Road, the real play Silk Road East Asia and South Asia, so I think, On such a new Silk Road, the opportunities for trade, investment, technology transfer, cultural exchange and tourism are enormous, and Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and the closest to Nepal in China’s big cities , Guangzhou and Nepal should be able to have a closer connection between.I think in the future, Guangzhou and Nepal between the economic and trade exchanges will have more broad prospects.

“In the past two thousand years, China guangzhou escort girl and Nepal have a very close cooperation between the two countries, and now we will have more opportunities to carry out investment and trade,” Babram Batailu said Nepal is currently the most The famous tourist city has concluded a friendship with Guangzhou Friendship City, the future hope that more Chinese tourists to Nepal to visit.

The Canton Fair is a bridge between China and Pakistan

Pakistani Embassy in China and Pakistan economic corridor special envoy Zafar, yesterday afternoon in an interview proudly recalled: “I personally have a very deep feeling in Guangzhou, I came to Guangzhou in 1977, 1988, entered a Guangzhou International banking work, it can be said that I personally experienced in recent decades, Guangzhou’s economic development reform and change.

Talking about the “Canton Fair”, Zafar that it set up a bridge between China and Pakistan: “Pakistan businessmen over and over again over the years to the Canton Fair, Pakistan and China is played a very good bridge between the role.

On the Sino-Pakistani Economic Corridor, Zafar said: “The Chinese and Pakistani economic corridors proposed by the Chinese Prime Minister during his visit to Pakistan in 2013 have strengthened exchanges and cooperation in transport, energy and marine affairs between the two countries. Now Pakistan And China to strengthen the interconnection.I am very pleased to tell you today, the fastest in Pakistan, the best is the ‘China-Pakistan economic corridor’, the actual investment in this corridor of China has more than 20 billion US dollars. ”

Zafar also on-site promotion of the “China-Pakistan economic corridor” along the Pakistani Economic Industrial Park: “Our industrial park is very much like to cooperate with you and hope that Guangzhou and Guangdong enterprises to set up factories there, enjoy a great tax policy and the Advantage. “Zafar,” This is a benefit of both things, but also I come to participate in one of the purposes of this meeting is to visit Guangdong delegation, welcome to visit the delegation! “

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