China-Russia Network Media Forum

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China-Russia Network Media Forum

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Yesterday, the China-Russia Network Media Forum and the Sino-Russian New Media Youth Leaders Summit was held in Guangzhou Tianhe District, the Russian Federal Communications and Mass Media Vice Minister Wolin, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister, Xu Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Xu Lanhong, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the State Council, and Lu Lan, deputy director of the Network Information and Communication Bureau of the State Internet Information Office attended the opening ceremony.
Around the “new network of international media and international cooperation and development” theme, from the relevant state departments, “along the way” important node city, the central and local key news sites, major commercial websites, Internet business leaders and research institutions experts and scholars More than 150 guests to discuss the development and cooperation, innovation and breakthroughs, opportunities and challenges of China and Russia’s online media under the new situation of Internet, and to promote and deepen the exchanges and cooperation in the field of network and new media.
Huang Bin pointed out in his speech that the escort guangzhou forum aims to enhance the emotional communication between the youth of China and Russia, strengthen the exchange and cooperation of news and culture between the two countries, and condense the emotional consensus of the Chinese and Russian people, especially the younger generation, in the field of humanities, Legend has it that the significance is significant. As one of the provinces in mainland China with the largest amount of economic and trade cooperation and the most close cultural and economic exchanges along the route, Guangdong is not only a big economic province but also a big province of the Internet. Guangdong will further build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, Guangdong and Russia to promote the relevant fields in many areas, especially human-depth cooperation in the field, to promote the frequent exchange of cultural and creative personnel to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation on a new level.
Xu Yonghong pointed out in his speech that the media is a bridge of communication and ties, strengthen media dialogue between China and Russia, to promote bilateral cooperation in the media is our common desire. Guangzhou will actively promote the construction of hub cities and international exchanges, and further build a high level of opening to the outside world, including Russia and other regions continue to strengthen road connectivity, trade flow, the implementation of connectivity and people.

As the host of this forum, Tianhe District, Guangzhou as the core city of the national center, in recent years, actively participate in “all the way along” construction, scientific and technological innovation, international exchanges have made many achievements. As the authoritative platform for the exchange and cooperation between China and Russia, the China-Russia Network Media Forum will establish a long-term mechanism for exchanges and cooperation in the future. Through regular media exchanges, content exchanges, joint interviews, Exchanges and other means to enhance cooperation and expand interaction, sharing of resources and complement each other to comprehensively promote and deepen the two countries in the field of Internet and media exchanges and cooperation, and jointly enhance the international media power of China and Russia international voice and influence.

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